[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2] wireguard: fix interface remove for lonely peers

Florian Eckert fe at dev.tdt.de
Thu Jan 16 10:49:54 EST 2020

Thanks for feedback

> I think this behavior is not really acceptable. Programs, init scripts,
> hotplug events etc. should not automatically modify (and commit) uci
> configurations, especially not such vital ones like the network config.

The new wireguard init script is only executed if the network 
has changes. This is triggered by the procd ubus service.

> The main problem I see is that you do not know what state the config is
> in at any point in time, whether there are other (intentionally!)
> uncommitted user changes etc.

Yes, I agree, but I couldn't think of any other solution for this 
without touching the current configuration handling as you mentioned 

> Wouldn't it be better to modify the code deleting the wireguard
> interface to delete the peer sections as well? Or to remodel the
> wireguard configuration model to cope with orphaned peer sections?

I already thought of that. I could imagine a list item that references
the peers in the interface section. If this wireguard interface section
is deleted then these list element sections should also be deleted.

For example

config interface 'wg
         option proto 'wireguard
         option private_key 
         list peers <name1>
         list peers <name2>

config wireguard_test <name>
         option endpoint_host 'test.de
         option public_key 
         list allowed_ips '

Deleting an interface section in LuCI is generic. So I don't know if we 
do this and make an exception for wireguard.

Best regards Flo

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