[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt 20.X release plans

Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Thu Jan 16 05:55:07 EST 2020


> Does anyone else see any other topic which should be included in this combined
> vote? If so, let us know ASAP and ideally prepare the text/voting options as
> well.

while I wouldn't add the whole auto-deletion topic to the discussion yet, I'd be happy to ask for permission to delete/auto-delete the EOL (i.e. 17.01) bugs in bugs.openwrt.org:

Headline: Auto-delete bugs for EOL branches in bugs.openwrt.org

"bugs.openwrt.org allows to assign bugs to a certain branch, and currently we still have a lot of bugs reported in now EOL 17.01. I propose to have all bugs reported specifically for a certain deleted when that branch is EOL. This should be accompanied by a message to retest on a more recent version and resubmit the bug report for the new branch if issues persist.
This is intended as a permanent rule, so while this currently only affects 17.01, it will apply to future EOL branches as well when they become EOL.
Removing such patches might be done automatically by a bot."

Options: Yes/No


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