[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] cryptodev-linux: remove DEFAULT redefinition

Eneas U de Queiroz cotequeiroz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 13:28:05 EST 2020

The 'DEFAULT:=m if ALL' line prevents the phase1 buildbots from building
the package, and users from downloading it, since they use 'ALL_KMODS=y'
but 'ALL' is not set.

Signed-off-by: Eneas U de Queiroz <cotequeiroz at gmail.com>
This was reported here: https://github.com/openwrt/packages/issues/10987

This should be cherry-picked to openwrt-19.07 as well. 

Note that in 18.06, to actually be able to use cryptodev, you'd have to
custom-build openssl (or gnutls), since the engine was always built into
the main library.  Therefore there's little benefit in applying this
patch.  From 19.07, the openssl devcrypto engine is built into a
separate package, which has kmod-cryptodev as a dependency.

It was compile/behavior-tested on mvebu and using the ramips-mt7620 SDK.

I decided not to bump PKG_RELEASE, since this does not change the
package, just whether it gets built or not.

diff --git a/package/kernel/cryptodev-linux/Makefile b/package/kernel/cryptodev-linux/Makefile
index 2a8890286d..9bea63ebd1 100644
--- a/package/kernel/cryptodev-linux/Makefile
+++ b/package/kernel/cryptodev-linux/Makefile
@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/package.mk
 define KernelPackage/cryptodev
   SUBMENU:=Cryptographic API modules
-  DEFAULT:=m if ALL
   TITLE:=Driver for cryptographic acceleration

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