[OpenWrt-Devel] Sysupgrade possibly broken in recent development snapshots: "message": "Firmware image couldn't be validated"

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Wed Jan 1 15:46:30 EST 2020

Petr Novák <petrn at me.com> [2020-01-01 21:11:30]:

> But how come the workaround was to use an older libubox and ubus - was there
> any new check which was not there before?

I don't have definitive answer, as I would need RPi-4 (or any other real
hardware with Cortex-A72 core) to find the actual bit in the libubox which
caused this change in the behavior, but here is a part of the commit
description[1] which might help answering that:

 It seems like the recent fixes in the libubox library, particulary in
 the jshn sub-component (which empowers json_dump used in the shell
 script executed by the child process) made the execution somehow faster,
 thus exposing this racy behaviour in the validate_firmware_image_call at
 least on RPi-4 (Cortex-A72) target.

As I was unable to trigger this issue even in the QEMU/Cortex-A72 I assume,
that it was simply some kind of race, needed specific timing, provided
preciously only by that RPi-4 hardware.

> actually, it may be visible on the HDMI output - not as flexible as a serial
> console (not so easy to copy paste) but that would allow to see what is
> going on better than the ssh I was using up to now.

I've prepared a commit[2] which is going to output that error into the syslog
instead, together with more verbose error message[3] so it's easier to track
it down next time.
1. https://gitlab.com/ynezz/openwrt-procd/commit/8904b34203055bdc619cd95581a19b307b91e362
2. https://gitlab.com/ynezz/openwrt-procd/commit/e87ccf2b7ae17faa2dfda470484279c1bfb51328
3. https://gitlab.com/ynezz/openwrt-procd/commit/9e45a44859e81cc84dbc39c42c9dacef30b96429

-- ynezz

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