[OpenWrt-Devel] Preserving configs over sysupgrade on ath79/tiny broken for some boards (on 19.07 and master), possible solutions

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Wed Jan 1 08:16:09 EST 2020

David Bauer <mail at david-bauer.net> [2019-12-31 16:20:29]:


> release images will not be built for most (if not all), as a full build with LuCI
> will not fit into the flash (even with 4K sector size).

one could still use image builder and generate images which would fit.

OpenWrt offers currently following images:

 - master/snapshot: core images without LuCI
 - releases:        images with LuCI

What about some unification? What about providing same -luci and -core
firmware image variants for both master and release?


 1. Less confusion (different snapshot Vs release image content)
 2. Likely more testing for master LuCI


 1. Increased storage usage and build time
 2. Additional code supporting those variants, so increased maintenance

> The code is not really an issue, as there's not much code dedicated for 4M
> devices. It's mostly their device-tree, which is maintainable compared to
> the previous ar71xx boardfiles.


> As many people still use these 4M devices (see, for example, the forum)

And finally there is someone interested (Paul) in actually supporting those
devices with patches of very good quality = almost no maintenance effort.

-- ynezz

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