[OpenWrt-Devel] tools/firmware-utils/mkcameofw not found

Heppler, J. Scott shep971 at centurylink.net
Mon Feb 24 11:21:21 EST 2020

Some D-Link/Trendnet devices use a cameo signature and I found prior
posts regarding appending about 40 bytes of code to rootfs.


The post suggested the use of tools/firmware-utils/mkcameofw.
Presently, a build had the error that mkcameofw (also tried cameofw) was
not found.

If one looks at the OpenWRT device pages for both the D-Link DIR-810L
B1 and the Trendnet TEW-810DR, both describe using ncc_att_hwid to
append the signature.  ncc_att_hwid is included in ghe GPL source
package from both D-Link and Trendnet and can also be obtained from


Couple of points:
1.  mkcameofw seems to be broken and unused.  Both the device pages
describe the use of GPL'd ncc_att_hwid after the build for the initial

2.  I've searched for the documentation for ncc_att_hwid and cameo
signature and only came up with it being applied in OpenWRT/DD-wrt.

3.  Users are working around the broken code manually.

4.  ncc_att_hwid is GPL'd and could be included in the build tree.

J. Scott Heppler

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