[OpenWrt-Devel] firmware-utils/mkcameofw for TEW-810DR

Heppler, J. Scott shep971 at centurylink.net
Sat Feb 22 14:56:04 EST 2020

I have successfully adapted OpenWRT's D-Link DIR-810L build for a
Trendnet TEW-810DR.  It was low-hanging fruit, the devices essentially
use the same board.

One difference is that Trendnet firmware has what I've seen described as
a cameo signature appended at the end.

For my own use, I could use the cameo tool: ncc_att_hwid as described


I think if I take the extra step to incorporate the cameo signature, the
patch would be committable.

I've searched the git code base for an example of how to append the code
during the build and have come up empty.  Source for mkcameofw.c has

"  -k <file>       read kernel image from the file <file>\n"
"  -c              use the kernel image as a combined image\n"
"  -M <model>      set model to <model>\n"
"  -o <file>       write output to the file <file>\n"
"  -r <file>       read rootfs image from the file <file>\n"
"  -S <signature>  set image signature to <signature>\n"
"  -R <region>     set image region to <region>\n"
"  -V <version>    set image version to <version>\n"
"  -I <size>       set image size to <size>\n"
"  -K <size>       set kernel size to <size>\n"
"  -h              show this screen\n"

If I read this correctly
-M TEW-810DR
-V 1.0R
-R WW  #I'm guessing WW is Region code
-S 1.0

Could someone point me to a *dts that utilizes this tool or a *dts that
reaches the same goal?

Thanks in advance
J. Scott Heppler

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