[OpenWrt-Devel] Some questions - help needed

mans0n mans0n at gorani.run
Sat Feb 22 07:25:18 EST 2020


I can't find the answers on my own, so I'm seeking help here. Any opinions would be appreciated.

1. I found that currently four devices have set DEVICE_TYPE to nas in their Device definition.
But when I tried defconfig, none of them actually had DEFAULT_PACKAGES.nas in their .config.
It seems DEVICE_TYPE cannot be set per device, it only works on a per-(sub)target basis.
Then why DEVICE_TYPE was added to these devices?
Is this intended or a bug?

2. kmod-usb2 automatically selects kmod-usb-core, but kmod-ata-ahci does not select kmod-ata-core.
Is there a reason to use "DEPENDS += +kmod-usb-core" somewhere and use "DEPENDS += kmod-ata-core" elsewhere?
Can we make a rule here to unify this?

3. Could somebody suggest a way to configure port 1 as WAN in ipq40xx DTS?

Thanks in advance.

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