[OpenWrt-Devel] Mikrotik ar71xx -> ath79 port

Christopher Hill ch6574 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 01:12:59 EST 2020

On 2/19/20 5:52 AM, Roger Pueyo Centelles | Guifi.net wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> Congratulations on your progress! :)
> Besides the RB922, I've got a couple more MikroTik devices in the
> process of being supported: RouterBOARD 750GL
> <https://github.com/rogerpueyo/openwrt/tree/ath79-mikrotik-rb-750gl> [1]
> and OmniTIK UPA-H5nD
> <https://github.com/rogerpueyo/openwrt/tree/ath79-mikrotik-routerboard-omnitik-upa-5hnd>
> [2]. They're not ready yet (I can't make the NAND memory work) but you
> may want to take a look at them for inspiration.
> Cheers!
> Roger

Thanks for the pointers. I think attempting this rb493G board has turned
into a very big undertaking (for me) as I believe I now need to do the

1.  Copy over the ar71xx file "drivers/spi/spi-rb4xx.c" and add a
".of_match_table" entry so the DTS file can use it in a "compatible"
section instead of the "jedec,spi-nor" driver most are using.

I think this driver is available via upstream now, and so I probably
just need to patch instead of copy..?


2.  Copy over the ar71xx "drivers/spi/spi-rb4xx-cpld.c" and add device
tree support sections. This was rejected upstream a few years ago from
what I can find on Google.

3.  The two Ethernet switches are working now (one is a special
bitbanged mdio only on this board), so it's really just the storage left
to do. I'll try and play with the ar71xx "drivers/mtd/nand/rb4xx_nand.c"
code next week. Probably copy that to the ath79 tree...

I wonder if this is why there used to be a special "mikrotik" target in
the old ar71xx tree due to all this custom driver code?


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