[OpenWrt-Devel] [WIP] vrx518 support for AVM Fritzbox 7530

Martin Schiller ms at dev.tdt.de
Mon Feb 17 05:53:04 EST 2020

I've done some work to get the vrx518 running on the AVM Fritzbox 7530:

The current status is as follows:
- The VRX518 TC driver is running in software datapath mode, which 
required some codefixes for the driver to compile at all.
- The line is synchronized in both ATM and PTM mode
- Outgoing data packets via PTM go out (I can see them behind the 
DSLAM), but no packets are received.
- ATM is not really tested so far and maybe needs some further hacks.

Therefore, I took some driver/software from the Intel UGW- which 
partially were published on prpl gitlab.

Alternatively I extracted the binary firmwares (ACA, PPE, DSL) from the 
original AVM firmware images. But the result was the same. (except that 
it contains the ADSL ANNEX-B firmware which is currently not available 
on prpl gitlab)

So the implementation is not really functional yet, but I would like to 
share this progress here now, so that other interested people can help 
to get the whole thing running.


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