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> On 08-02-20, Adrian Schmutzler wrote:
> > This change makes the names of Broadcom targets consistent by using
> > the common notation based on SoC/CPU ID (which is used internally
> > anyway), bcmXXXX instead of brcmXXXX.
> > This is even used for target TITLE in make menuconfig already, only
> > the short target name used brcm so far.
> Won't this break various things such as the wiki, the download servers,
> maybe other infrastructure?

For the download servers, I assume this will just be another directory. I'm not sure how the build servers work, whether they just go through all the targets (then it would just continue to work) or whether some setup for b(r)cm targets would need to be adjusted. However, there are targets with over 1 year old builds on the snapshot server and nobody cares. So, to me it looks like we just need to manually delete the old dirs brcmxxxx after the bcmxxxx have been built successfully.

The biggest obstacle might actually be the Wiki.

> For instance: https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/targets/brcm47xx
> All techdata URLs would need to be updated, but only for the upcoming
> release: https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/wndr4000#installation

I do not know how those URLs are updated, and how much manual interference is needed there.
However, note that I have introduced a lot of device renames after 19.07 already (ramips is > 300 devices alone, though not all were renamed). So, just because of these naming adjustments there will be a lot to adjust for the next release anyway, and I don't think renaming bc(r)m target will make the big difference here. Actually, I aim at having as much of the consistency renames done as possible between these two releases, so 20.xx is as tidy as possible then. BTW I also updated names in bcm63xx just recently, so those will require update anyway.
(After all, brcm47xx might be the target where there are least arguments for changing. bcm27xx only has a few devices and bcm63xx has seen renames anyway.)

> This sounds like some amount of work and potential for breakage...

Yes. This will cause some work, and I think it's worth it. But since it's purely cosmetical, I do understand that other people feel differently here.
I actually don't expect major "breakage" beyond what's usual in a development tree; a dead link in the Wiki is unpleasant but it does not really break anything, and might be easy to fix if it's just a rename.
I'd be delighted to learn more about how the Wiki links are updated, though, so maybe I can better judge the amount of work required there.



> Baptiste
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