[OpenWrt-Devel] On-link routes to PtP gateway always in table main

Luca Piccirillo luca.piccirillo at mail.polimi.it
Fri Feb 7 19:56:05 EST 2020

Hi, I was playing with multiple wan interfaces and I noticed something I couldn’t understand.  I have two pppoe interfaces, “wan and “test”, ip4table is set to “main” and “iptv” respectively. Here is what I get:

root at OpenWrt:~# ip route show table all | grep pppoe
default via dev pppoe-test  table iptv  proto static  metric 2
default via dev pppoe-wan  proto static dev pppoe-wan  proto kernel  scope link  src 62.11.90.x dev pppoe-test  proto kernel  scope link  src 62.11.84.x
local 62.11.84.x dev pppoe-test  table local  proto kernel  scope host  src 62.11.84.x
local 62.11.90.x dev pppoe-wan  table local  proto kernel  scope host  src 62.11.90.x

The default route for test belongs to iptv table as expected, however both routes to the gateway belong to main table. Is that normal? What if default route on iptv table is used? Would it always exit from pppoe-test even if gateway ip is the same for both interfaces?

Thank you.
Luca P.
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