[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: introduces KERNEL_LZMA variable for common build sequence

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Mon Feb 3 05:23:32 EST 2020


what is the actual benefit of this? The image building recipes are hard enough
to understand as-is, is it really worth it to replace a plain "kernel-bin |
append-dtb | lzma" command sequence with yet another variable indirection just
to safe a few bytes in the Makefile?

I could understand the appeal of introducing a macro (or variable) if there's
a lot of repeated complex expressions in each KERNEL := ... recipe but that
isn't the case here.

If you really want to go down this route, then introducing an actual new build
step which aggregates the three steps into one would be cleaner imho.

Something similar to the following;

define Build/kernel-dtb-lzma
	$(call Build/kernel-bin)
	$(call Build/append-dtb)
	$(call Build/lzma)

And then

KERNEL := kernel-dtb-lzma | uImage lzma

~ Jo

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