MT7621 Flow Control

John Crispin john at
Thu Aug 6 08:35:04 EDT 2020

On 06.08.20 14:31, Andre Valentin wrote:
> Hi Jaap,
> Am 06.08.20 um 13:43 schrieb Jaap Buurman:
>> Dear all,
>> I have noticed the flow control work for mt7621 in the following
>> Openwrt patch:;a=commit;h=c8f8e59816eca49d776562d2d302bf990a87faf0
>> However, the problem that the patch is supposed to fix is still
>> occurring, even in combination with other experimental patches
>> submitted. These experiences can be read about here:
>> However, on this mailing list a user by the name of Kristian claims
>> that disabling flow control helps fix this problem, as can be read
>> here:
>>  From what I understood, he was running many mt7621 devices
>> commercially, with many of them experiencing the issue, which were all
>> fixed with his own flow control patch. My question is why the decision
>> was made to only disable flow control on port 5 in the above mentioned
>> Openwrt patch? AFAIK, Kristian's own patch disables flow control on
>> all of the ports and he claims the issue is fixed for him. Perhaps the
>> current patch should be extended to disable flow control on all ports?
>> What are people's thoughts on this?
> I'm facing the same issue now after upgrading to 5.4 kernel more often than before.
> Every second reboot reboot with 5.4 fails with this timeout error.
>> Yours sincerely,
>> Jaap
> André
from previous discussions with MTK and looking at the SDK code, the flow 
control should always be disabled.


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