Upcoming 19.07.4 and 18.07.9 stable releases

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> Subject: Upcoming 19.07.4 and 18.07.9 stable releases
> Hi,
> New point releases for 19.07 and 18.06 are starting to be overdue, and I
> would like to help 19.07.4 and 18.06.9 get released somewhere around mid-
> August.
> The main motivation are fixes for a libubox regression and for the musl
> synchronisation bug, as well as a LuCI regression (see "release goals"
> below).  But there are many other fixes, mostly device-related, that also
> motivate these new point releases.  If you have more fixes to backport,
> please consider doing so soon, especially for 18.06.9 which will likely be the
> last release for 18.06.

In addition to the stated goals, we should also do a kernel bump.
Currently we have 4.14.187 and 4.9.229.
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