[PATCH V2 uhttpd] ubus: add new RESTful API

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Tue Aug 4 03:57:21 EDT 2020


> Regarding parsing events stream, event names with spaces seem to be OK:
> https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/server-sent-events.html#parsing-an-event-stream

To me it feels quirky to separate the path and the type of the event by space.

Personally I'd only report the type as "event:" and move the source path into
the JSON data portion, or even omit it entirely.

Considering the design of the client side API:

   eventSource.addEventListener(type, handler);

Most use-cases probably want to register a handler for a specific event type,
e.g. "status", and not N handlers to handle the different object path
variations, so given the subscribe examples in the previous mail:

   eventSource.addEventListener("status", (ev) => { ... })

instead of

   eventSource.addEventListener("hostapd.wlan0 status", (ev) => { ... })
   eventSource.addEventListener("hostapd.wlan0-1 status", (ev) => { ... })
   eventSource.addEventListener("hostapd.wlan1 status", (ev) => { ... })
   eventSource.addEventListener("hostapd.wlan1-1 status", (ev) => { ... })

Granted, one could use the `onmessage` event to implement a catch-all handler
which is then filtering and dispatching according to the type, but even then
string operations like split(), indexOf(), regex matches or similar would be
required to match event types, that feels unelegant and not very performant.

~ Jo

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