image size on 20.xx builds

Bjoern Franke bjo at
Mon Aug 3 05:54:11 EDT 2020


> Apart from the usual kernel growth we have also enabled a bunch of
> previously disabled kernel features on targets which are not marked
> as SMALL_FLASH[1]. MT7620 is a mixed bag in that regard and it would
> make sense to split it similar to ath79 into a 'tiny' and a 'generic'
> variant. The 'mt7620-generic' variant could then also ship with NAND
> support and support for Xiami miRouter 3. The 'mt7620-tiny' variant
> would have SMALL_FLASH set and hence come without the features
> enabled in [1] which should give us ~ 200kB.

This sounds like an idea, but unfortunately then e.g. features like 
Ed25519 for dropbear would be missing then. But more differing options 
would be also a hassle.


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