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Stefan Lippers-Hollmann s.l-h at
Sun Aug 2 19:25:50 EDT 2020


On 2020-08-02, SAn via openwrt-devel wrote:
> The LibreRouter uses a dual-boot scheme that relies on the bootloader
> configuring the kernel cmdline. At ar71xx 18.06 it was possible to
> select per device if the cmdline from the bootloader has to be honored
> (using patch-cmdline).
> AFAIK there is no such possibility on ath79.

Perhaps take a look at mvebu (Linksys WRT1200AC/ WRT1900AC/ WRT1900ACS/
WRT3200ACM/ WRT32x), ipq40xx (Linksys EA6350v3/ EA8300, ZyXEL NBG6617)
or ipq806x (ZyXEL NBG6817) for inspiration (append-rootblock[0]).

Taking the bootloader cmdline as-is is probably not going to work, as
quite a lot of ath79 devices depend on a different kernel/ rootfs
split for the flash partitioning.

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

[0] target/linux/ipq806x/patches-5.4/0067-generic-Mangle-bootloader-s-kernel-arguments.patch

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