Notes on ath79 RouterBoard 493G image

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> Subject: Notes on ath79 RouterBoard 493G image
> I have some feedback about the ATH79 RouterBoard 493G image built from
> master, as documented at:
> First, I was unable to update to the sysupgrade image at:
> penwrt-ath79-mikrotik-mikrotik_routerboard-493g-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
> while running 19.07.2, although the initial comments on the pull request
> above indicate this is possible. I fixed this by untarring the sysupgrade image,
> renaming its top-level directory from sysupgrade-mikrotik_routerboard-
> rb493g/ to sysupgrade-routerboard/, and retarring the sysupgrade image.

This has been "fixed" for ar71xx @19.07 here:

This is in 19.07.3, but not in 19.07.2. So, if you had updated to 19.07.3 before going for master, it would have worked.
The problem is that ar71xx hardcoded a certain name here, and that code is taken from the "old" device.

I cannot comment on your second issue.


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