[OpenWrt-Devel] Advice needed - Proper approach to port 5G/LTE modem into OpenWRT

Jeonghum Joh oosaprogrammer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 22:39:44 EDT 2020

Hello Bjørn,

What an honor to talk to you!
You are the author of the usbnet adapter kernel module!
Thank you for replying to me.

With your suggestions, I tried to search documents from openwrt documents
and found several:

And the last one from above is for about ModemManager. And I thought this
would be something that I can use instead of the modem provider version of
CM. But from the menuconfig, the ModemManager is not found at all. Maybe
it's because of my OpenWRT is out-dated?
I will try to find it from the latest openwrt.

I am so glad that you are in this mail list.

I want to share the information about my board, modem and openwrt version.
But I am not sure if I can share it in public domain. Maybe it would be no
problem but I will check it with my company first.

Thank you and you have a good day!

2020년 4월 27일 (월) 오후 9:42, Bjørn Mork <bjorn at mork.no>님이 작성:

> Jeonghum Joh <oosaprogrammer at gmail.com> writes:
> > I am porting a 5G/LTE modem into OpenWRT.
> Follow the instructions for LTE modems.  A 5G modem is pretty much the
> same wrt drivers and basic management.  At least for Qualcomm based
> modems on a USB bus.  Have no experience with anything else.  The Intel
> and Huawei modems are competely unknown to me, and most likely
> unsupported for the forseeable future.  And I'm also blank on the magic
> of Qualcomms PCIe interface. Qualcomm did work on a driver, but it's
> been a long time since I saw any update on that.  I guess no one cares
> enough.  SuperSpeed USB is fine for most users for now.
> Anyway, several X55 based modems are already supported out of the box in
> OpenWrt master.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel if you are using
> one of those.
> You may obviously decide to implement your own alternative solutions,
> like using some vendor software. But that will limit the user community
> severely. At least until the solution attracts more users.  And
> community support depends on users, which I believe is something you
> should consider since you have ended up in this forum.  You are unlikely
> to find anyone here who have any experience with your particular vendor
> software version.
> Personally, I am happy to give advice about anything regardless of
> experience.  But the quality of that advice is probably a tiny bit
> better when it is based on something I've tried myself.  Or maybe not?
> Is probably bad in any case.
> Bjørn
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