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Hi Martin,

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> Hi Adrian,
> (sorry for being slightly off-topic)
> On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 9:42 PM <mail at adrianschmutzler.de> wrote:
> > recently, ramips/mt7621 has switched to DSA and mvebu [1] and kirkwood
> [2] are waiting for it.
> are these targets using any migration scripts?


> my understanding is that a migration script (or rather the lack
> thereof) is preventing us to switch to DSA for the Lantiq VRX200 target on 5.4
> however, if a migration script is not mandatory then I might as well consider
> switching 5.4 to DSA so there will be one release where many targets switch
> from swconfig to DAS

As for ath79, while many people agree that there should be a migration script/mechanism, it's hard to finally get one (since designing it is a much bigger problem than it seems at first hand).

With mt7621 having started the party without a migration script (as this would have just stopped the whole thing, I think I commented in the PR about it), others followed suit quickly. I do not see why lantiq should be treated differently here.
However, note that this is my personal opinion, and I cannot judge specific circumstances that might apply to the lantiq target or its subtargets.
Again, personally, I do not expect any substantial progress on the migration subject - at least soon -, so I do not think we should delay kernel bumps (which are complicated and big enough for themselves on large targets) just because of that.



> Martin
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