[OpenWrt-Devel] Build variants and Build/InstallDev

Jeffery To jeffery.to at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 05:37:52 EDT 2020


I've noticed that there are a few packages in the packages feed that have
build variants and a Build/installDev recipe, e.g. libarchive,
libmicrohttpd. With the exception of ffmpeg[1], it appears that what is
installed by InstallDev is determined by the last variant that is compiled
(i.e. each variant's InstallDev overwrites the files installed by previous

I'm not really sure what is the best way to address this issue:
* Should at most only one variant's files be allowed to be installed, or is
there a way to allow for all variant's files to coexist?
* If one variant is to be prioritized, are there generally-agreed rules for
prioritization that can be followed (nossl vs ssl, mbedtls vs openssl) or
is it up to each package to decide for themselves?
* If another package depends on a specific variant, is there a way to
ensure that that variant's InstallDev files are present?

I don't mind working on a way to resolve this issue but I'm not sure what
direction is best. Any help would be appreciated.


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