[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] x86: use multiple profiles

Alberto Bursi bobafetthotmail at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 20:53:40 EDT 2020

On 16/04/20 01:16, Joel Wirāmu Pauling wrote:
> Related;
> would be nice to have a supported atomic update method 
> (rollforward/back) and/or adapt sysupgrade/opkg to cope with full 
> sys-upgrade style opperation.
> Fedora CoreOS and OSTree may be a possible inspiration point. Either way 
> I am getting tired of need to have to stand up a new VM - clone 
> config/opkg update and then switch over from running VM as being the 
> only decent way of doing sysupgrades on x86 targets.
> -Joel

I've been doing normal sysupgrades for a long while on x86 with squashfs 
images. I think the only problematic sysupgrades on x86 are on ext4 
images, and there is really no reason to use them imho.


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