[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2 0/6] build: update scritps/config to kconfig-v5.6

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Sun Apr 12 04:47:57 EDT 2020

Hi Eneas,

> I'm really sorry--and embarrassed, really--to have caused all this
> trouble.  I'll see what I can do from here, but I'm not familiar
> enough with the build bot system to do much on my own--and that was
> the origin of all problems.

no need to be embarrassed, I just figured that reverting for now might be the
better course forward, compared to working on fixes under pressure.

Theoretically you should be able to setup a fully working buildbot setup
yourself by cloning https://git.openwrt.org/?p=buildbot.git;a=summary and
using the docker-compose file to start it. It is quite a time and resource
consuming endeavor though since it first needs to build all phase1 targets
(images + SDK) and then the phase2 package builds using the previously
generated SDKs.

A simpler way to reproduce may be building your own SDK (CONFIG_SDK=y), then
unpack the resulting tarball somewhere, install *all* feeds and *all* packages
into it:

tar -xzf openwrt-sdk-*.tar.xz
cd openwrt-sdk-*
rm -f .config && make defconfig
./scripts/feeds update -f
./scripts/feeds install -a

That should theoretically already replicate the issue occurring on the builders.

In case you cannot replicate it with a self-built SDK, I uploaded an affected
one here before it gets replaced with a reverted version:


SHA256: f9855ae67f19a28b584d2b0af844b6565c91dd7d2eaf196151ba8c45215d52c5

> As for the recursive dependency warning/error, at first I thought
> about using CONFIG_BUILDBOT but then scripts/config/conf may be built
> before .config even exist.  I added a make option, so the bots could
> just add WARN_RECURSIVE_DEPS=1 to the make args.  Even changing the
> recursive dep to a warning would not have been enough to overcome
> this, for example:

Right, I see that too now. I know that it will not have fixed the particular
issues we've seen on the builders, but the issue still stands. With circular
dependency warnings-as-errors, a sole broken DEPENDS:= in a random feed
package will DoS the entire build pipeline.

> feeds/base/package/utils/busybox/config/Config.in:712: invalid statement
> I'm not sure if the feeds/base/package structure is the same as
> $(TOPDIR)/package, but 1da014f should have quoted the source filenames
> in package/utils/busybox/config/Config.in.

Indeed and it appears to have worked. The log I quoted was a rather old one.
Here's one showing a failing build due to recusive deps:

> Does anybody have any suggestion about how this could be moved forward?

Hm, what about reapplying the update but with the recursive dependency warning
logic inverted? Means always just warn by default and offer an environment
variable to make them strict errors. CI tests or whoever is interested could
opt into the strict checking, others are unaffected.


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