[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: switch to kernel 5.4

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Sat Apr 11 11:37:07 EDT 2020

On 4/11/20 5:13 PM, David Bauer wrote:
> Hello Paul,
> On 4/3/20 10:58 PM, Paul Blazejowski wrote:
>> Hello David,
>> It is great to hear to we're switching to 5.4 on ath79 target but i
>> wanted to bring to your attention that at least on the NAND subtargets
>> (for me wndr3700v4) we need this commit [1] from Kevin to get the router
>> to boot otherwise there's an oops in do dsp which prevents my router to
>> boot and produces bootloop, Kevin's patch is incomplete as i have also
>> alter it locally to apply to 5.4 kernel. With Michal's mtd concat patch
>> i have successfully run the kernel/build for a couple of days with no
>> issues. Maybe Michal can chaim in to confirm as he uses the same
>> hardware in WNDR4300 routers just to be sure?
> I've bisected this issue a bit further. Changing the CPU type for the
> whole target doesn't seem right, as boards prior to AR934x are 24kc.
> I've isolated the issue we are facing to 308-mips32r2_tune.patch. I'm a
> bit puzzled how to proceed as i suspect other targets using a 74kc arch
> will most likely show the same issue.
> I propose to revert the change for ath79 locally using a target patch to
> allow the target to be upgraded to Kernel 5.4.
> IMHO 308-mips32r2_tune.patch should be a target specific patch anyhow,
> as optimizing for a single CPU arch for all affected targets might not
> be very efficient. But I'm not all to familiar with this topic.
> Best wishes
> David


I also get this problem with mainline kernel.

See here for some more details:


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