[OpenWrt-Devel] Adding CONFIG_SAVE_DEBUG

Daniel Santos daniel.santos at pobox.com
Thu Apr 9 04:37:44 EDT 2020


I'm developing commercial hardware using OpenWRT, so there are a lot of
things we need to be able to do that any commercial product should have,
like to be able to save debug symbols for remote debugging, even though
all executables in the firmware are stripped.  Invariably, things blow
up and we need to be able to debug those.

The first challenge seem to be that the stripping is done prior to
installing, so that action is not connected with the location the binary
is going to end up.  The second is that the way packages are installed
varies -- rather than using the autotools install target, some are
calling $(CP) to do it, which isn't so easy to hook.

Given this, what would be a good way to get debug symbols for
everything?  Maybe clear STRIP and RSTRIP, but then hook the phase that
installs packages into rootfs and strip them there?  If so, are we
saving data anywhere in the package builds that say which are binaries
and which aren't?  I know that's easy enough to sniff, but I would
rather a package say how each file should be treated.

Any guidance appreciated!!


PS: I'm working with Global Satellite Engineering these days, but I'm
subscribed to all of my mailing lists on my personal account.

PPS: In 2018, they sent OpenWRT into space on a Blue Origin rocket as
part of a pilot program! :)

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