[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 0/6] build: update scritps/config to kconfig-v5.6

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Tue Apr 7 07:41:42 EDT 2020

Eneas Queiroz <cotequeiroz at gmail.com> [2020-04-07 08:20:44]:

> I'm in the dark here with exactly what went wrong

I've made the build step more verbose[1]:

 make[2]: Entering directory '/builds/ynezz/openwrt/scripts/config'
 cc -O2    -c -o conf.o conf.c
 cc -O2    -c -o confdata.o confdata.c
 cc -O2    -c -o expr.o expr.c
 bison -l -d -b parser parser.y
 make[2]: bison: Command not found
 Makefile:95: recipe for target 'parser.tab.h' failed

> but I've caught an oversight on my part: Linux now requires flex & bison
> to build files that it used to ship prebuilt.  I can either restore the
> previous behavior, or we can require them as well, and then I'll add a check
> for them--and later perhaps remove them from tools/?  What do you think?

I think, that this additional dependencies doesn't make much sense if it was
working for years without those. I would prefer to ship preprocessed files
instead, if that would work just fine. 

1. https://gitlab.com/ynezz/openwrt/-/jobs/501743309

-- ynezz

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