[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] base-files: fix get_mac_address not accepting hex offsets

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Thu Sep 5 07:21:31 EDT 2019

Hi David,

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> Hello Adrian,
> On 9/4/19 10:08 PM, mail at adrianschmutzler.de wrote:
> > when I tested it then, the hexdump offset did accept hexadecimal values intrinsically.
> > I remember that because I was quite surprised that offset accepted hexadecimal values and size didn't.
> This might be the case for hexdump, however dd does not accept hexadecimal values.

Indeed, I overlooked that one. So we have four cases:

1. mtd_get_mac_text:

This uses dd and should currently be broken, so it needs the $(($...)) as a fix.

2. get_mac_binary:

This one uses hexdump, so $(($...)) is not required, but might be added for convenience.

3. mtd_get_mac_binary:

This one is just calling get_mac_binary. I'd say that get_mac_binary should be safe to be called with hex offset, so I would not change to decimal _before_, so just keep this as it is.

4. mtd_get_mac_binary_ubi:

This could be treated similar to 2. However, on a closer look part of this function is the same as in get_mac_binary. So, IMO this one should be refactored to call get_mac_binary as in mtd_get_mac_binary.

Nevertheless, thanks for spotting and repairing the bug introduced in my patch!



> The commit message is indeed not correct in that regard. However I've changed the
> evaluation there too, as originally it was provided decimal numbers, keeping the
> underlying call stable.
> Best wishes
> David
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