[OpenWrt-Devel] v5.4 as next kernel

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com
Thu Oct 31 06:23:32 EDT 2019

On 29.10.19 06:37, John Crispin wrote:
> Hi,
> should we use v5.4 as our next kernel ?
>     John
 From my point of view: yes
I also really like the cadence of just following LTS release schedule 
which doesn't enforce a hard deadline to do major bumps or risking 
drying up of fixes from Stable

Lots of stuff gets backported when newer kernels arrive, so maybe avoid 
that effort and invest it in just bumping the whole thing
I often hear from people around me that OpenWrt looks like a "garbage 
bin of files" due to all custom patches
This would be one way to reduce the amount ..

Still a lot of targets are on 4.14, we might as well just bump then to 
5.4 iso of first to 4.19 to eventually get to 5.4

By the time 19.07 will be released, 5.4 will probably be on our doorstep 
and I don't see us make another major release within 1 .. 2 months after 

Using mac80211 from a newer kernel seems to work well, but judging by 
the amount of changes in Hauke's updates
seems to indicate it's a lot more work if the gap between kernel and 
mac80211 versions widens up.

It's OK to be mainstream, but it's a lot more motivating (and fun!) to 
be bleeding edge.


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