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Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Mon Oct 28 08:49:56 EDT 2019

> I don't see how that would help, since the commiter's responsibility
> is to review the code and make sure it doesn't break the build. And
> having the patch itself is already a pointer there is an interest in
> certain feature/fix/whatever. Also, at least once during the past
> year, you were nicely asked to take a look at one of the changes which
> you refused to do with a convenient excuse. So I don't think your
> suggestions should be taken for good here.

While one might argue that committers have the responsibility to review code in general, there is no responsibility to review particular pieces of code.

As all committers are doing this in their free time, it is inherent to the project that some patches just won't reach the interest of anybody. This is obviously annoying for the submitter, but it's not unfair by any means.

So, asking nicely might raise your chances to get attention, but it won't create any obligation to act.

And concerning reviews/testing: From my experiences those are very valuable, both from the perspective of a submitter and a committer.
The committer has an easier job if he knows that someone else has checked what he is looking at. Despite, reviews/acked-by/tests by other people also indicate an _increased_ interest in the topic, possibly (not necessarily) resulting in higher attention for the subject by committers.
Unfortunately however, reviews etc. are things that can only be given to others, so if you start to review patches now due to my convincing arguments it won't immediately help your patches to be merged faster.


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