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> John Crispin <john at phrozen.org> [2019-10-27 14:34:04]:
> Hi,
> > I'd like to close all patches pending from 2018 in patchwork, there are ~25
> > and a quick try on some showed none of the apply anymore.
> thank you for cleaning up the backlog, really appreciate the effort.
> You're just mentioning Patchwork(PW), but I think, that the same applies to
> the GitHub PRs (GH) and bugs/issues (FS) as well.
> Perhaps we could take this thread as an opportunity and come up with some
> general rule, which would clearly define somewhere at the appropriate place on
> the wiki, that for example any open topic on PW/GH/FS platform would autoclose
> after some predefined period of time (it can always be reopened if requested).
> Say 6-12 months since the last activity in that particular topic?

I'd personally differentiate here. Particularly on GitHub, there is two types of stale submissions:
1. Those where the submitter left track after (initial) feedback
2. Those where there never was any feedback

I'm all in for closing the first category after a certain timespan (and even suggested that when I went through old GitHub PRs some months ago). Since it's easy to reopen a GitHub PR, I would even choose a relatively short time span for that (e.g. one month).

However, I do not think it's fair to just close an old submission without any developer (or others people's) feedback (category 2), just because nobody is interested in it. I'd see this differently if the old submissions would do any harm, but since they are just lying around and making a list a little longer, it's not like they pose a big problem.

For the patchwork, one could do a compromise:
Instead of just closing submissions, one could provide a standardized feedback that 1. patches do not apply anymore, 2. it seems to be that interest in the subject isn't there and 3. that resubmission of a rebased patch is possible if the author wants that. This will remove inapplicable patches from the list, but reach out for those having invested time in an enhancement to OpenWrt.


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