[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: add AR934x NAND Flash Controller driver

David Bauer mail at david-bauer.net
Mon Oct 14 06:57:29 EDT 2019

Hello Michal

On 10/14/19 12:22 AM, Michal Cieslakiewicz wrote:
> Hello David,
> Yes, please update my commit.
> Thank you for your feedback, review and tests. Indeed I (wrongly)
> assumed minimalistic approach and delegated ar71xx reset procedure to
> a simple DT property. I have only WNDR4300 to test the driver - this
> router interestingly has no problems whatsoever (I've booted it tens of
> times). ar934x-nand is my first DT driver port ever, and I thanks to
> your patch now I know more about implementing reset features :-) 

No Problem (and thanks for taking care of that). I've started work on the NAND
driver some months ago, but quickly lost interested as more fun stuff was around.
Glad to see this coming true.

The ar71xx implementation also triggered resets for the ethernet switch analog. I'm
a bit lost here grasping the correlation. I will try to get my hands on GPL source from the 
Atheros implementation, seeing I can make out the reason for this reset.

Best wishes

> Again, thanks and best regards
> Michal

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