[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt 19.07 release schedule ?

Martin Schiller ms at dev.tdt.de
Mon Oct 14 01:03:15 EDT 2019

On 2019-10-12 03:28, Gordon Shawn wrote:
> What about skipping 19.07 and focusing on 20.03 instead? Based on the
> resource I think one release per year is not bad. By then Luci will be
> in a better shape and a newer kernel can also be used instead.

Well, there are always some great changes in the master that you would 
like to have in the stable as well.

But you will never get a release if you don't stop transferring things 
from the master to the stable.

Since 19.07 is already quite a bit late anyway (I remember the 19.01 
plans) and some of us are already betting on this branch as their next 
release base, it would be extremely annoying and inconsistent to start 
all over again.

So my opinion:
Only add bugfixes and security patches into 19.07, no feature changes.

- Martin

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