[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 2/2] procd: add notification if running in container

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Thu May 23 08:03:40 EDT 2019

Paul Spooren <mail at aparcar.org> [2019-05-23 13:38:52]:

> >> +++ b/state.c
> >> @@ -101,6 +101,9 @@ static void state_enter(void)
> >>  	switch (state) {
> >>  	case STATE_EARLY:
> >>  		LOG("- early -\n");
> >> +		if (is_container())
> >> +			LOG("This isn't real life. I'm running in a container.\n");
> > your commit message is missing (it's required BTW), so I don't know the reason
> > why do you need this change. 
> I can amend the patch if it's of interest.

Yes, you should include commit message if you want to continue with this in v2.

> > Anyway, I don't see any valid reason to have
> > this in procd.
> My motivation was to log when procd detects a container and therefore
> don't mount stuff. Anyway, if it bloats the log, reject this patch.

Then I think, that your approach is wrong. You should output "not doing foo"
at the place where you're "not doing foo", so this LOG line belongs probably
to initd/early.c (but I'm not saying, that you should do that) where you're
not mounting the stuff in case you detect container.

Please note, that procd is used by all targets, even those tiny ones so it
would make sense to add more logging (increasing the binary size) if it's
really necessary and it provides any valuable clue during the debugging

-- ynezz

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