[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v5] kernel: lantiq: add support for SMP IRQ routing

Petr Cvek petrcvekcz at gmail.com
Fri May 17 11:31:50 EDT 2019

Dne 17. 05. 19 v 12:24 Petr Štetiar napsal(a):
> Petr Cvek <petrcvekcz at gmail.com> [2019-05-17 05:44:35]:
> Hi,


>> +--- a/arch/mips/lantiq/irq.c	2019-03-10 20:44:58.755134326 +0100
>> ++++ b/arch/mips/lantiq/irq.c	2019-05-17 05:13:50.302149058 +0200
> is there any particular reason this shouldn't go through upstream first?

You mean the linux-next upstream?

Yes definitely.

The patch is changing devicetree files which does not exist in the
current linux-next tree. Without these files I cannot test the rest of
the patch in linux-next.

It also changes the format of the devicetree's register definition and
it is tested only on single VR9 device (there are different VR9 based
modems/routers which doesn't use SMP) and on other platforms with the
same IRQ controller I don't know register adresses (they will be
probably same, but there is always room for complications).

Also there are people who wants to use this now on the current openwrt
kernel, but with vanilla-next they would have to wait for v5.1+ or
backport the patch anyway and it seems my patch is depending on some
other patch in the openwrt which is not yet in the linux-next.

Anyway I can send at least the partial patch to the linux-next if
somebody confirms me the definitions for AR9/danube/falcon/amazon are OK.

The code review for affinity cycling would be nice too (the code looks a
little weird to me as it is a software solution for HW problem, but I've
copied the idea from some vanilla powerpc driver :-D ).

> BTW I'm wondering how to handle your 4 other RFC patches[1] which are
> lingering in the patchwork. Could you please take care of them? Thanks.

These are just RFCs for the HW info as I'm developing the code sort of
blindly (as there is no public technical reference manual for VR9 SoC).
Only other code is the ethernet driver which is in queue, but it sort of
depends on this IRQ patch and is still not finished. After that the rest
of the RFC patches will be obsoleted. Is there some command for the
mailing list with which I can remove them?

best regards

> 1. https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/openwrt/list/?submitter=75850
> -- ynezz

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