[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2] ramips: Add support for Head Weblink HDRM200

Kristian Evensen kristian.evensen at gmail.com
Mon May 6 04:14:09 EDT 2019

Hi Petr,

On Sun, May 5, 2019 at 10:26 PM Petr Štetiar <ynezz at true.cz> wrote:
> Unfortunately no, but I've just proposed[1] some temporary workaround, so
> let's see how this pans out. Until it's accepted, I would simply go with that
> proposed `FEATURES += ramdisk` based solution.
> 1. http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/openwrt-devel/2019-May/016931.html

Thanks. I have tested the selective-ramdisk approach with HDRM200 and
it works fine, but since it is not merged then my current
v3-submission sets the ramdisk feature.

> It's just a poor-man's replacement for a picture of scissors, meaning, that
> I've simply removed some text around this `...` line.

Aha, I see :)

> BTW, I haven't had time to check correctness of this pinctrl yet, but I'll do
> so.

Ok, I will wait with submitting a v3 until you are done with this.


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