[OpenWrt-Devel] wil6210 experiences

Robert Marko robimarko at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 14:45:28 EDT 2019

Hi, does anybody have experience with wil6210 driver and its caveats?
I am almost done with Mikrotik LHGG-60ad but wil6210 is giving me
headaches due to lack of any documentation and flaky performance.

I am using 5.2 firmware and board file from linux-firmware as one
extracted from Mikrotiks firmware refuses to be loaded by the driver
due to lack of header it really lacks any kind of header but wil6210
driver in RouterOS somehow manages to identify the version.
The same thing with custom board file shipped by Mikrotik, they have
custom board files for every wil6210 based product.
I am getting weird ping time fluctuates as return time varies from 20
to over 400ms and throughput is really bad.
So it's clearly looking like a bad configuration but due to lack of
any documentation or tools, I am hoping that somebody has experience
with the driver.

Robert Marko

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