[OpenWrt-Devel] UEFI firmware for x86_64

John Braley server.email.mash4077 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 22:17:46 EDT 2019

I was wondering if we are going to see UEFI compatible builds for x86_64
anytime soon. Neither of the 2 suggested solutions in the wiki work at this

The first method fails at commits. I have emailed the author of that fix to
see if something can be done to resolve that.

The 2nd suggestion does successfully build however it looks to be 8-12
months behind and from what I can tell based on LEDE 17 instead of the
rejoined OpenWRT. There is no functioning luci from that build at all.

If there is no plan to provide UEFI compatible builds, does anyone have any
idea on how to boot a non UEFI build on a UEFI system? The motherboard I
bought does not have a CSM module for compatibility so I am stuck with UEFI
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