[OpenWrt-Devel] Meson/Ninja build system

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Mon Mar 18 08:09:58 EDT 2019


> A number of upstream projects are beginning to use the Meson/Ninja build
> system. OpenWrt's sound/mpc and libs/libmpdclient kludge around this,
> and I would like to update the glib2 package. The latest version of
> glib2 uses Meson/Ninja.

just what the world needed, yet another build system :)

> Is there any plan to build the Meson/Ninja environment into the OpenWrt
> build system?

I took a quick look at "meson" but got confused after it referred to
something else called "ninja". So it appears to be some high level thing
producing other lowlevel things which then do stuff.

I am not aware of any developer actively working on support for this, so
a patch would be greatly appreciated. At least there are no plans to
*not* support it.

One nuisance is that it appears to mandate Python 3 while OpenWrt
buildroot currently requires Python 2.7 - so in order to avoid depending
on both versions, all the existing buildroot python users probably need
to be ported to Python 3 first.


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