[OpenWrt-Devel] GoSC 2019 Firmware Wizard - input needed

Moritz Warning moritzwarning at web.de
Thu Mar 14 16:59:32 EDT 2019


I submitted a GSoC 2019 idea to create a Firmware Wizard for openwrt.org:

The motivation is that it is too hard for a user to find the correct openwrt image.

The project has two parts:
1. let the openwrt build system create a json file with meta image information
2. use the json file to display the information in a web interface

About 1.:
The information should be provided via the Openwrt build system that creates a JSON file during build. A separate database would get out of date too easliy. Information needed would be at least vendor (e.g. "TP-Link"), model (e.g. "WRT1043"), hardware revision (e.g. "v1") and image file names.

So the plan is to enter basic device information into the build scripts. This leaves these questions:
- would this be a plan that would be accepted by the community?
- what information should be part of the build files? Where to draw the line?

This project has probably more to do with extending the OpenWrt build system compared to building the actual web interface. Such interfaces already exist (see project description) and can be harvested/extended. If you are an interested student, feel free to apply! :-)

About 2.:
- select image via vendor => model => hardware revision dropdown boxes
- select image via search box (e.g. enter wrt1043 to get all images names that contain that string)
- select via table of all models (would probably a long table..)


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