[OpenWrt-Devel] Announcing AGH 0.01

Enrico Mioso mrkiko.rs at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 04:09:05 EDT 2019

I am announcing AGH: a 3G/4G connection manager (via ModemManager) / XMPP control agent, specifically designed for OpenWrt.

Some of it's features:
Documentation: AGH is documented enough to get you to a good start;
Modem handling:
- uses ModemManager, so your QMI/MBIM/cdc_ether based modem will be used at it's max performance
- bearer profiles: one or more bearers can be configured; AGH will keep them connected
- supports more than one modem at time: each modem has it's connection settings
- supports matching predefined connection profiles based on operator id
- supports configuring / setting modem preferred modes
- SMS messaging rudimentary support for sending and receiving messages, or deleting all of them

XMPP: allows complete control of the system over XMPP
- ubus: can perform ubus calls, listen for events
- ubox logd: can intercept log messages connecting to a file descriptor as provided by logd

System: AGH is designed to integrate seamslessly with the rest of the system.
An init.d script is provided.
AGH supports running in a jail via ujail.
Basic OpenWrt packaging support is provided.

License: it's free software, distributed under the GPL Version 2 or, at your option, any later version.


I put all of my effort in making AGH a robust and useful software. Nevertheless, I am a beginner, so I need your help guys! :)
I would like so much for AGH becoming truly robust, useful and excellent software.
Any help is greatly welcome: with code scrutiny, patches, new functionalities, and project administration (e.g.: managing pull requests in github and so on).
Any ideas in how to shape the project is also welcome - so feel free to express yourself!

Grab your AGH right now at:


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