[OpenWrt-Devel] ath10k on ipq4019 crashes and hitting WAN_ON macro

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Wed Jul 10 09:27:07 EDT 2019

On 07/09/2019 11:09 PM, Matej Kupljen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a custom image build from OpenWRT 18.06 and also have updated
> ath10k driver and ath10k firmware to the latest master version. The
> device is based on IPQ4019 and the image can be build using "QCA
> AP-DK04.1-C1" target profile (with some modifications).
> The device works O.K. and also the wireless is working. However, when
> there are high number of stations connected to this AP, like over 60,
> we are experiencing very unstable wireless connection. Looking at the
> logs we see messages like:
> ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: failed to set beacon mode for vdev 0: -11
> ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: failed to set dtim period for vdev 0: -11
> nl80211: wpa_driver_nl80211_event_receive->nl_recvmsgs failed: -5
> WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 9327 at
> backports-2017-11-01/net/mac80211/sta_info.c:1001
> sta_set_sinfo+0x9f4/0xa94 [mac80211]
> (Unfortunately I do not have the whole log, but I'll try to reproduce
> this again).
> It seems like that there was something wrong with the firmware, since
> we were getting errors that the driver practically cannot set any of
> the parameters. Those messages were for 5GHZ, on 2.4GHz everything
> seemed to be normal.
> We also tried with the ath10k-ct driver and we didn't see any errors
> there. But there is a huge difference between the drivers, since
> ath10k-ct only allows up to 32 devices to connect, while ath10k driver
> allows up to 512 devices.
> Any idea why?

I compile out the swap-to-host-ram logic for peer objects in the ath10k-ct firmware,
so it probably cannot handle 512 peers no matter what.

But, you can use fwcfg to configure more than 32.  We routinely test with
128-ish peers on 9984 and 9880 chips with our firmware, and have not tried
to optimize for more peers.



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