[OpenWrt-Devel] Current "OpenWrt Style Guide for DTS"?

Jeff Kletsky lede at allycomm.com
Mon Jan 21 14:06:15 EST 2019

I'm working on DTS definition for the ath79 target for GL.iNet 
AR300M-Lite (NOR) and AR750S (NOR and NAND both) and have some questions 
around current, OpenWrt best-practices for DTS definitions, as well as 
NAND partitioning.

Before wasting a lot of time on already-answered questions, are there 
some references as to the OpenWrt project preferences for how these are 

I've already located:

* https://openwrt.org/submitting-patches#dts_checklist

* https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/defining-firmware-partitions

as well as the general information at


* https://elinux.org/Device_Tree_Mysteries

but I still have a few unanswered questions.

I'm willing to not only read the responses, but collect them to the 
OpenWrt wiki as well.


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