[OpenWrt-Devel] Alternative DNS servers for DHCP static clients in Luci?

Mikael Bak mbak at fxnet.hu
Sat Jan 5 06:06:05 EST 2019

Hi list,

I'm a long time OpenWRT user and a big fan. Thanks to all of you for the 
hard work!

In my home network I would like to have the ability to assign a default 
DNS server for unknown clients, and for some known (static DHCP) I would 
like to assign another DNS server.

I checked in the DHCP settings for the LAN interface, and there I can 
assign a different DNS server for ALL clients (known, and unknown).

I checked in "Static Leases" (under DHCP and DNS menu) where I can 
assign known client by MAC address, and found no option to assign 
different DNS server to that client.

Is this possible in OpenWRT?
If it isn't, is it possible to add?


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