[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] treewide: dts: Unify naming of gpio-keys nodes

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Thu Jan 3 16:39:08 EST 2019

Christian Lamparter <chunkeey at gmail.com> [2019-01-03 18:27:40]:

> I would try to split up the patch into multiple patches so that
> each maintainer has the chance to act on just his own turf. 

I don't want to waste more of my time on such noop stuff, I've tried it so
let's see how it pans out :-)

> Keep in mind that linux-kernel is heavily compartmentalized. The device-tree
> maintainers mainly just ack/review patches for the subsystem maintainers.

Yea, just give me some feedback and I'm more then happy to do what is
necessary to finish this crusade, but until then I'll just put it on ice.

> However it's much easier to comment on the daily patches/PRs
> and make sure that new boards/dts are up to spec with the latest craze and
> also, you get the chance to interact with the commiters a bit.

Yea, almost every submission has some copy&pasted stuff (I'm guilty as well),
so just trying to make it easier for everyone. Provide good examples for
copy&pasting, saving some time of submitters, reviewers and commiters.

> While looking at the checklist, I noticed that one of the "SPDX license tag"
> check is already automated in the upstream scripts/checkpatch.pl... And now,
> I wish that the script could also act on default-state = "off", the
> "gpio-keys-polled" and "gpio-leds" node names, etc.

Indeed, it would be nice to automate this and other checks and integrate it
into GitHub's PR pipeline via some CI system. Well, one day :-)

-- ynezz

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