[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: align GL-AR750S boardname to other GL.iNet devices

Christian Lamparter chunkeey at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 12:23:44 EST 2019

On Tuesday, January 1, 2019 1:03:22 PM CET Christoph Krapp via openwrt-devel wrote:
> The sender domain has a DMARC Reject/Quarantine policy which disallows
> sending mailing list messages using the original "From" header.
> To mitigate this problem, the original message has been wrapped
> automatically by the mailing list software.
I had this problem (DMARC Reject/Quarantine policy) in the past as well.
If you want to fix it you need to convert your account from googlemail.com 
to gmail.com (and update your git config and commits to reflect the change). 

As for the patch:

>-define Device/glinet_ar750s
>+define Device/glinet_gl-ar750s
>   ATH_SOC := qca9563
>   DEVICE_PACKAGES := kmod-usb2 kmod-ath10k-ct ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct
>   IMAGE_SIZE := 16000k
>   SUPPORTED_DEVICES += gl-ar750s
> endef
>-TARGET_DEVICES += glinet_ar750s
>+TARGET_DEVICES += glinet_gl-ar750s

The "Device/glinet_ar750s" change to "Device/glinet_gl-ar750s" will likely
break sysupgrade from existing "glinet_ar750s" images. This is because the
now deprecated glinet_ar750s identifier was not added to the
SUPPORTED_DEVICES variable. Other than that, it looks good.


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