[OpenWrt-Devel] New CT wave-2 firmware available.

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Thu Feb 28 13:53:23 EST 2019


I've uploaded a new set of wave-1 and wave-2 ath10k-ct firmware.  Recent release notes
for wave-1:

   *  Feb 14, 2019:  Remove logic that causes assert when swba logic is not initialized.
      This was seen when trying to bring up 6 VAP vdevs.  A similar fix went into wave-2
      firmware some time ago.

   *  Feb 27, 2019:  Support up to 32 vAP vdevs, fix stack corruption when driver requests too many

   *  Feb 28, 2019:  Support beacon-tx-wmi callback message.  This lets driver properly
      clean up beacon buffers so we don't crash (somethings the entire OS/system) due to
      DMA errors.

Recent release notes for wave-2:

   *  Feb 27. 2019: Support up to 32 AP vdevs.  Previous to this, stack would be corrupted if you went past
                    16 AP vdevs.

   *  Feb 28, 2019: Support beacon-tx-wmi callback message.  This lets driver properly
                    clean up beacon buffers.  In wave-1, this could crash the entire OS, but I didn't see
                    the same crashes in wave-2, so maybe it is fixed in some other way.  Add the feature
                    regardless as it seems proper.

Could someone please update OpenWRT to include these.  The new ath10k-ct firmware is also updated
to support the beacon callback method, but I think someone is already working on adding that to

Firmware sha-sums are below, you just need to update the firmware makefile to use the new .005
name and new sums.

8108a29440a8fe477fd0c17f600f00850d79c4abfc580cd608f57f0cae878878  firmware-2-ct-full-community-22.bin.lede.005
ecea8d39fde4b63db7d3c01e4417fe6f5aa247ab81bb2518f9179d8945c660c7  firmware-2-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-22.bin.lede.005
7c3717a4393c6cf1f3872eb210eb9f680e2205b8709ffb827eacc09d4e5b9bbe  firmware-2-ct-full-community-22.bin.lede.005
2d813b2235e8e0371bf0fc85b57411b91b9abff3f690e0f564b5a41622fd4a36  firmware-2-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-22.bin.lede.005
336a55af37b78c8a75c894e84e7a79cc22ad2c982fb836f5d9848a1bc936a493  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.005
b15d2ad9821a78d30b55695c80f71dc4c8634069dfc2a8d6551854ad2eebed3a  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.005
fc05751486e4f4abfa313622c1e43bdd7aabf938f38768433c649368512a7667  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.005
90aa97c9aae55a878f2509905f4e7e0b1ff73840c2a7c357794b5705144a0edf  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.005
c9e704d9ffffb8789394429abb6935e33133c839e1931eea280da03a792943de  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.005
d261db4a4d96c171179a9897acf633e29f77c636a25c5dd07f43f582441e27c2  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.005
f37c9cc959bf8fbda4e7ec648daed8ef056c17cb9d7e7c9ae00956ce9f276490  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.005
a50a5da7e1bace2ace4cf0208b8666684f8f0107b68321aa238f6782acb709ae  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.005


Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com>
Candela Technologies Inc  http://www.candelatech.com

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