[OpenWrt-Devel] Issue with broaband led pppoa-wan device

Mauro Mozzarelli mauro at ezplanet.org
Sat Feb 9 10:00:27 EST 2019

I have BT Home Hub 5 routers.

I have just built release 9290.

Something happened to the broadband LED configuration between release 
8495 and 9290

In 9290 LED associated to device pppoa-wan no longer works (it remains 
off once the pppoa-wan connection is established), however if, after 
having established the pppoa-wan communication, I apply the exact same 
configuration (through luci), the LED starts working normally until the 
line state changes again.

Here is my LED configuration for the broadband LED:

config led 'led_internet'
     option name 'internet'
     option sysfs 'bthomehubv5a:blue:broadband'
     option trigger 'netdev'
     option mode 'link tx rx'
     option default '0'
     option dev 'pppoa-wan'

config led 'led_dsl'
     option name 'dsl'
     option trigger 'netdev'
     option sysfs 'bthomehubv5a:red:broadband'
     option default '0'
     option dev 'dsl0'
     option mode 'link'

The normal expected behaviour is: the broadband LED blinks RED whilst 
the DSL link is negoatiated.

Once the DSL link is established and pppoa-wan starts, the LED turns 
BLUE and it blinks during packet exchanges.

led_dsl controls the red flashing whilst the dsl connection is negotiated

led_internet turns the led blue and blinking when the pppoa-wan 
connection is established.

Has something changed in the firmware that requires a configuration 
change, or is this a bug?

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