[OpenWrt-Devel] mt76 issues on 18.06 HEAD - was: 18.06.2 branching/builds

Stijn Segers foss at volatilesystems.org
Mon Feb 4 16:57:46 EST 2019

Op zondag 3 februari 2019 om 14:54 schreef Felix Fietkau <nbd at nbd.name>:
> On 2019-02-02 19:08, Stijn Segers wrote:
>>  Hi Felix,
>>  I built 18.06 HEAD with your 2019-01-30 bump, and with the
>>  mt76-disable-edcca.patch applied. That seemed very stable (up since
>>  30/01 evening, very high throughput - never seen anything close to 
>> 50
>>  MBps on my 2x2 client before; I barely got close to 25 MBps 
>> before). No
>>  laggy feeling, so didn't check ping. Wireless wasn't used in the
>>  morning or the day, but I have tried to stress it in the evening
>>  (31/01) -transferred about 65 GiB of data over the WLAN (scp). No
>>  hiccups whatsoever.
>>  I then reverted to vanilla 18.06 HEAD 31/01, so none of the patches
>>  applied, and the connection kept working but page loading in the
>>  browser e.g. would occasionally be slow (nothing else chewing on my
>>  network connection). I checked ping, and it was all over the place
>>  again (from sub-milliseconds to 10 ms, occasionally 100ms to other
>>  devices on the LAN). I suppose there's no real value in those 
>> numbers,
>>  but it does quantify the feeling of the wireless 'choking' 
>> momentarily,
>>  then picking up again. After like half an hour, wireless would hang 
>> on
>>  my laptop: I was unable to ping anything, web pages stopped loading
>>  altogether. Same thing on my smartphone. However, when I disabled
>>  wireless on both clients, then turned it on again, the connection
>>  started working once more; that didn't happen on the previous mt76
>>  bumps. There the radio would just seem to die like explained in the 
>> bug
>>  report.
> Thanks, that information was very helpful. Did you run those tests on
> 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

Hi Felix,

5 GHz only (I don't use the 2,4 GHz radio).

>>  Since that hang already happened within the hour, I ran a new build
>>  with the most recent mt76 bump (2019-01-31) together with the 
>> 'disable
>>  edcca' patch. That has been working fine so far (although I'm not
>>  hitting 50 MBps anymore :-P ). It's been up since Friday afternoon, 
>> so
>>  almost 30 hours now. The radio gets shut down at night, but I've 
>> been
>>  using it for hours and no issues as far as I can tell.
>>  Do you want me to try the second patch, or is this OK
> No need. I've pushed a whole bunch of ED/CCA related patches to 
> mt76.git
> (haven't bumped OpenWrt git yet).
> Could you please test that latest version (commit
> e301f2349a191c845b6bd2d487e64591ac2ed64d)?

I just rebuilt your 2019-02-03 bump (copied the Makefile from master to 
the 18.06 package feed), installed the kmods on top of my existing 
18.06 build and rebooted.
Initially it seemed fine, although the connection seemed a bit laggy at 
first but that stabilised. My smartphone then just disconnected after 
an hour (router uptime 1:15' +-) and the AP was not visible anymore 
despite 'wifi status radio0' saying it was still up. Dmesg was 
completely silent (nothing related to mt76 or the AP dying).

'Wifi reload' brought it back temporarily - it then only took a few 
minutes to go down again though, for the AP to disappear again and this 
second time the MCU timeout messages reappeared like in the bug report 
on Flyspray.

I didn't have either of your previous patches applied (so 'vanilla' 
mt76 2019-02-03). I'm rolling back to vanilla 18.06 + your ED/CCA patch 
for now. If you need any other info/need me to test/check other things, 
let me know. (I hope this is software and not dying hardware, I 
wouldn't be able to tell the difference.)

Thanks for your help already so far.


> Thanks,
> - Felix

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