[OpenWrt-Devel] New CT wave-2 firmware available.

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Sat Feb 2 22:27:18 EST 2019

Here are the sha-sums, the 002 version changes to 003.
If someone could update openwrt to use them I'd appreciate it.  Changelog
is at the bottom.  I am hoping this resolves the crashes related to

6685623e2ee75909f734e45ae9321b9f78b18ed8c585eadef88f951b8aa4b3be  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.003
ea5ccdc88a1371e958b4b5e7657782b1bcc55ac24e11e6fa36a3fce2746be4d6  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.003
0815fffb4757596a5ee41efb8353fb90667e4c26363fbd62a5ccf269e9a55938  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.003
425b66e51039f1970802940c864ad3d6b743926e310006f6601acb9689144315  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.003
6e9171d012b50053b04572933b619927070b95fd2d8b9274a3e59a374088a09d  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.003
b265428fadda7e3ac33ef977ba1a13788914689110275e57bba7796c583f8480  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.003
fba3ce709cd0e17abec260639034bc99b0157f36c044713201cff2e5b408a6e2  firmware-5-ct-full-community-12.bin-lede.003
943c0ec1967a41f16e27fd1dfebefc9196412d48d4deba204b157bd7b9b90512  firmware-5-ct-full-htt-mgt-community-12.bin-lede.003

   *  Jan 2, 2019:  Rebase patches to make 9980 bisectable.

   *  Jan 2, 2019:  Fix scheduling related assert when wal-peer is deleted with pending
      tx buffers (bug 54, and others)

   *  Jan 7, 2019:  Fix specifying retransmits for AMPDU frames.  It was previously ignored
      since it is a 'software' retransmit instead of a hardware retransmit.

   *  Jan 9 2019:  Fix potential way to get zero rates selected (and then assert)

   *  Jan 18 2019:  pfsched has specific work-around to just return if we find invalid flags AND
                    if we are in an out-of-order situation.  Maybe this is last of the pfsched
                    related issues (bug 54 and similar).

   *  Jan 24 2019:  The rcSibUpdate method can be called concurrently with IRQ tx-completion callback,
                    and that could potentially allow the tx-completion callback to see invalid state
                    and assert or otherwise mess up the rate-ctrl logic.  So, disable IRQs in
                    rcSibUpdate to prevent this.  Related to bug 58.

   *  Jan 28 2019:  Ensure that cached config is applied to ratectrl objects when fetched from
                    the cache.  This should fix part of bug 58.

   *  Jan 28 2019:  Ensure that ratectrl objects from cachemgr are always initialized.  This fixes
                    another part of bug 58.

   *  Jan 30 2019:  Better use of temporary rate-ctrl object.  Make sure it is initialized, simplify
                    code path.  This finishes up porting forward similar changes I made for wave-1
                    firmware long ago, and fixes another potential way to hit bug-58 issues.

   *  Jan 30 2019:  Cachemgr did not have a callback for when memory was logically freed.  This means
                    that peers could keep stale references to rate-ctrl objects that were in process
                    of being DMA'd into to load a different peer's rate-ctrl state.  This was causing
                    the bugcheck logic to fail early and often, and I suspect it might be a root cause
                    of bug 58 as well.  The fix is to add a callback and set any 'deleted' memory references
                    to NULL so that we cannot access it accidentally.  Thanks to excellent logs and patience
                    from the bug-58 reporter!


Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com>
Candela Technologies Inc  http://www.candelatech.com

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